Welcome to Pujjis Wellness Retreat

A place where you can come to learn to take better care of your body, mind and spirit.


Cleanse and detox your body to restore it to its natural health. Address any pain or discomfort in your body to restore balance and ease. Discover resolutions to conflicts in your relationships and return to an inspired and harmonious life. Every element of life at Pujjis is aimed at supporting you in these endeavours. Explore what we offer.

Your host and wellness practitioner, Arvind Pujji brings to you over 23 years of experience in supporting others in their quest for health and wellness. We offer services of bodywork, counselling and yoga classes to our local clients and fasting and detox retreats for longer stays for those travelling to us. The peace, comfort and serenity of our retreat will provide you with the perfect environment for your natural return to wellness. Our services as well as our detox and fasting program both provide a nurturing and restorative experience for you.

We extend you a warm welcome.

I can’t recommend Pujjis enough. It has been the best thing I have done in a very long time - maybe ever. The best thing I think has been the total acceptance of me and the lack of pressure to do anything, be anything or say anything. Despite a week of doing nothing I have been surprisingly busy. It is so easy to pass the time and enjoy the surroundings and facilities. The food is amazing. Wonderful, wonderful place and people.

Gale WilsonWellington, New Zealand